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Emergency Pastoral Care Austria

First Aid for the Soul

  • Emergency pastoral care is crisis intervention with spiritual and ritual competence
  • Emergency pastoral care means »first aid for the soul« when elemental events have shaken the foundations of someone’s life
  • Emergency pastoral care is a fundamental task for the Christian Churches

Trained in crisis intervention, emergency pastoral care givers emphasize the spiritual dimension of being human. This constitutes a powerful resource in the overcoming of the crisis and the integration of the personality.

Emergency pastoral care givers accompany those in need in their search for support, shelter, hope and comfort. They do this with due regard for the dignity of the person and with openness and respect for the faith or world view of the people they encounter.

Emergency Pastoral Care takes place

  • in ecumenical breadth and openness
  • with inter-religious competence
  • with special sensitivity for the individual’s cultural background

It may be helpful for those seeking care to accompany leave taking and mourning with familiar religious/spiritual rituals and symbols.

Emergency Pastoral Care Austria is a joint undertaking and is financed jointly by the Catholic and Protestant churches. It is offered without cost by specially trained volunteer counselors to those in need, their families and carers under the motto »Being Present - Listening - Helping«. If requested, they will facilitate pastoral care through other churches or religious communities.

Emergency pastoral care givers are available in all federal states. They are integrated in multi-professional crisis intervention teams or can be alerted through these. Emergency pastoral care is a division of the emergency rescue forces and can be requested through these services.