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JOIN clinical working group resumes activities

November 2012

Cooperation on clinical and medical issues within JOIN was restarted on 3 November when medical representatives from different JOIN members convened in London. Previously, the JOIN working group medical doctors had promoted exchange but had lastly met in 2010. The newly named clinical working group will follow-up on the past efforts and explore new areas of cooperation. St John Ambulance hosted the meeting. Continue reading

JOIN Youth group meeting

The JOIN working group for youth will meet in Cardiff on 21 November to exchange national developments and issues of mutual interest. The representatives from JOIN members in England, Germany, Hungary, Latvia and Wales will also explore potential bilateral and multilateral youth activities within JOIN.

News from the members

Germany: Wheelchairs for Kenya

Around 1 per cent of the Kenyan population needs a wheelchair. Since August Johanniter International Assistance (JUH) assists with the building of a service centre for wheel chairs in Kijabe in the AIC-CURE International Children’s Hospital which operates nationwide. Continue reading

Wales: First aid training in Northern India

On 2 November a group of young first aiders from St John Wales returned to Northern India to train Tibetan refugees in lifesaving first aid skills. Six St John Wales youth members, led by two adult members, focus their training mission in the Tibetan Children's Village located in Dharamsala. Continue reading

Finland: Annual Johanniter fashion show a success

Johanniterhjälpen in Finland organized the “Always on my mind” Fashion Show at the House of Nobility in Helsinki on 2 November. The show was the most successful fundraiser Johanniterhjäpen in Finland has organised so far. 270 guests attended the show that was produced by the famous Finnish model manager Laila Snellman. Continue reading

England: SJA volunteers recognized as young achievers

70 St John Ambulance volunteers were recognized at this year's Young Achievers’ Reception at Buckingham Palace. The young people, including Cadets, Badgers and Young Carers, were rewarded with the special annual reception, which celebrates their individual achievements and acknowledges their hard work. Continue reading

Finland: First aid at Solvalla March

On 14 October a first aid team of Johanniterhjälpen in Finland was present at the half marathon of Solvalla, a town close to Esbo, with one doctor, two nurses, and one first aider, to provide medical assistance to the runners and the public. Minister of Defense and former MEP Carl Haglund started the race by giving the start shot. Continue reading

Austria: Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe develops internet portal for nursing children

In Austria, approximately 440.000 people are being nursed at their homes, often by children and adolescents. St John in Austria, Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe in Österreich, has developed an internet portal for them, where they can find information and exchange experience with others that are in the same situation. Continue reading

Germany: Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe supports Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon

In less than ten weeks it will be winter, which means that there will be below zero temperatures and sand storms. In order to improve the situation for these people, Johanniter International Assistance will distribute supplies for the victims in cooperation with the Foreign Office. Continue reading

Wales: Volunteers of St John Wales invested as members

St John Wales volunteers will be receiving awards approved by Her Majesty the Queen at a prestigious Investiture ceremony. The service will see St John volunteers from across Wales invested as members of the Order of St John. The honour of becoming a member of the Order is granted to those who have shown exceptional service to the charity. Continue reading

Sweden: CPR for preschool teachers

For the last year, St John in Sweden, Johanniterhjälpen has been engaged in training volunteers in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) with automatic external defibrillators (AED). They are now expanding their efforts, which aim to reduce mortality from sudden cardiac arrest, to educate preschool teachers and parents in first aid for children. Continue reading

News from Brussels

Women on boards: Commission proposes 40% objective

The European Commission has proposed a quota for women’s representation on supervisory boards from 2020 of 40%. The initiative, which was developed by EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding, aims to break the so-called “glass ceiling” highly qualified women face in high positions. The proposal needs the approval of the European Parliament and the governments of the member states. Continue reading

Negotiations on EU budget for 2013 fail

On 13 Nov, the European Parliament refused to negotiate with the Council of Ministers on the 2013 EU budget because the governments had failed to approve a supplementary budget for 2012. The negotiations are seen as a foretaste of the extraordinary summit on the financial framework 2014-2020 which is to be held in Brussels on 22 Nov. Continue reading

2013 European Year of Citizens

After the recent approval by the European Parliament, 2013 is officially the European Year of Citizens. The primary aim of the European Union is to inform European citizens about their rights and opportunities as EU citizens. The better the men and women of Europe understand their rights as EU citizens, the more informed the decisions they can take in their personal lives, and the more vibrant democratic life in Europe can be at all levels. Continue reading

Martin Schulz calls for fight against youth unemployment to be a top priority

At a panel discussion organised by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and the Israeli European Policy Network on 10 October, Martin Schulz stated that the fights against youth unemployment should be a top priority. He argued that if young generations feel poisoned and left without opportunities, this will damage democracy.

Jordan receives extra Є40 million for development and good governance projects

The funding will be used for political, economic, social and legislative reform programmes. Barroso stated that the European Commission would like to deploy a mission to Jordan to observe the upcoming elections.

EU about to sign new UN Food Aid Convention

On Wednesday 10 October the development committee of the European Parliament unanimously gave its consent to the EU signing the new UN Food Aid Convention. The current convention expired in June.

European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing develops action plans

On Tuesday 6 November the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing held its first conference in Brussels, where it developed 6 action plans. These include prescription adherence, fall prevention, frailty and malnutrition, integrated care, independent living, and age-friendly environments. Continue reading

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