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JOIN Special on the London Olympics 2012

International St John cooperation at the London Olympics

At the London Olympics not only the athletes gave everything. St John Ambulance from England (SJA) was responsible for providing medical services to the visitors and was able to count on assistance from JOIN members in Austria and Germany. Find a personal account by a German volunteer here and continue reading about the entire volunteer exchange here

St John Ambulance at Olympic events across the UK

St. John Ambulance has been present at the London Olympic summer games all across the UK to ensure that first aid could be delivered at any necessary moment. They were placed on foot, in ambulances and on bicycles to ensure they reached people who needed first aid assistance as soon as possible. Continue reading

St John Wales provides first aid at Olympic Games

The Olympic Games did not only take place in England: St John Wales treated 285 casualties at the Olympic football matches held in Cardiff during the London 2012 games. Continue reading

Jolympics 2012 summer camp

Shortly before the opening of the Olympic Games in London the Johanniter youth ended their “JoLympics” with great success. From 20 until 27 July 90 St John youngsters from Berlin/Brandenburg and Poland spent an active one week holiday in the

Polish holiday town Dlugie doing sports. Continue reading

News from the network

Swiss St John offering hospital, school and IT equipment

Due to a reform of the social security system in Switzerland, several hospitals will be closed or concentrated in larger cities. The Swiss St John is recuperating discarded equipment in order to send it to different destinations in Europe including JOIN partners. Continue reading

General Manager visits German Repatriation Centre in Cologne

JOIN General Manager Daniel McCormack visited the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe in Northrhine-Westphalia (NRW), Germany to discuss potential cooperation on patient repatriation – a service returning ill or injured patients who are abroad to medical facilities in Germany or Austria. A JOIN level meeting on the subject is planned for autumn 2012. Continue reading

Polish-German St. John summer camp in Klopotowo, Poland

From 30 July to 7 August, the St John Youth from Baden-Württemberg and a youth group from the Polish St John enterprise Joannici Dzielo Pomocy took part in a summer camp in Klopotowo, Poland together. Continue reading

New intern at JOIN office

For the next six months Moira Wiermans will be working as an intern for JOIN. Moira obtained a Bachelor degree in Political Science and a Master degree in Sociology from University of Amsterdam and will receive a Master degree in European Integration from Free University Brussels in September.

News from the members

Jerusalem: Ghandi Foundation International Peace Award 2012

The St John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem has been awarded the Ghandi Foundation International Peace Award 2012 for bridging the gap and finding common grounds between Palestinians and Israelis. Continue reading

Germany: Rehabilitative measures for Syrian refugees

The German St John is cooperating with Aktion Deutschland Hilft and Handicap International to provide humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees in both Jordan and Lebanon. Continue reading

Estonia: Summer camp for disabled persons supported by volunteers

The Estonian St John foundation organised a summer camp for disabled young persons. The camp was supported and carried out by volunteers from Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. Continue reading

Wales: St John Volunteers Save Wales over £1 million

St John Wales Cymru has published its Annual Review for 2011. The report reveals that through their commitment, St John volunteers saved Wales £1 Million. Continue reading

News from Brussels

European Commission publishes new rules on importing active pharmaceutical ingredients

The European Commission has reformed the existing rules on the importing of active substances for human-used pharmaceuticals. All imported active substances must be in compliance with the standards of good manufacturing practice at least equivalent to those in the EU. Download the information leaflet here.

Eurostat: Inflation steady at 2.4%

Inflation in the Eurozone is stable at 2.4% and at 2.5% in the EU. Within the Eurozone, the lowest annual rates were witnessed in Greece (0, 9%), Germany (1, 9%), Belgium (2, 0%) and Ireland (2, 0%). Read more

European Commission mobilises emergency aid for flood victims in the Philippines

The European Commission will allocate an additional 700.000 euros for humanitarian aid to the victims of the flooding in the Philippines. More than 3.5 million people have been affected by the flooding and 1 million have been evacuated. Read more

European Commissioner for Development, Andris Piebalgs, present at Global Hunger Event

Adris Piebalgs made a statement on the Commission’s view on malnutrition and food security at the Global Hunger Event. He briefly outlined the Commission’s 2020 development goals. Read more

Nine new issues registered for Citizen’s initiative

The European citizen’s initiative which was introduced by the Lisbon Treaty entered into force on 1 April this year. With one million signatures, the Commission is obliged to consider it for a legislative proposal. At the moment, nine initiatives are still collecting signatures. One of them deals with development aid and public health. Read more

EU considers ban on logos on cigarette packages

In autumn the EU is expected to publish a possibly stricter draft revision of the 2001 Tobacco Products Directive regarding packaging. The announced revision follows a ruling of Australia’s highest court to uphold a ban on logos on cigarette packages. Within the EU, the United Kingdom is leading in the development of new packaging laws. Read more

Austria starts ‘Green Care’ project: farms serve as old age homes

This pilot project called ‘Green Care’ uses farms as homes for the elderly in order to reduce costs for old age care and could help farmers in their struggle for survival. Austrian MEP Elisabeth Köstinger is promoting this initiative on EU level as she believes that rising costs for elderly care is a European problem and the Austrian initiative could help addressing it. Read more

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